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Home Made Popcorn in a Paper Bag- Fun & Easy

The other night I wanted popcorn and found that we were out of oil. Yes I have one of those unhealthy round popcorn poppers that requires oil. 🙂 So my daughter and I got creative. Here is what we got … Continue reading

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Free Nature’s Own Home Water Test Kit

Get your FREE Nature’s Own Home Water Care Test Kit. This “free, easy-to-use test kit will help you find out what’s in your water – and what you can do about it.” Get yours HERE. Don’t miss a deal! Sign … Continue reading

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Natrual Pest Control–A solution to many of those annoying pests

 Check out these great cheap and  natural ways to keep those nasty little pests away!  Cucumbers area great natural pest control. It repels  or gets rid of bugs including ants, wasps, mites, moths, flies and other insects. One idea is to leave … Continue reading

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Homemade Bug Repellant

My daughter can attract a mosquito from a mile away! She has very sensitive skinthat does not do well with chemicals that are in bug repellants.I did some experimenting with  homemade repellents. Repellents that would be both SAFE and CHEAP! Here … Continue reading

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Simple Steps to Cut Electricity Costs

With summer quickly approaching we are all dreading the inevitable rise in our electric bills. However there are a few things that we can do very easily that can lower our bills. Every little bit helps! Use fans! A breeze … Continue reading

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